Top Family Travel Websites

Ida & Ernest have their fingers crossed that while you are reading this, there is a suitcase waiting to be packed for the upcoming family holiday. Whether it’s packed already (in which case, bon voyage!) or it’s waiting patiently at the top of the cupboard/under the bed/in the garage for it’s next trip, here are our top tips for the best websites as you head off on your travels…

For INSPIRATION & IDEAS, once you have finished reading Ida&Ernest of course! Suitcase & Strollers is written by a well-travelled mum of two.

To GET THE KIDS INVOLVED Kid World Citizen is a brilliant and fun stop before you travel, full of activities that help ‘young minds go global’.


For TRAVEL HEALTH & SAFETY check out The National Travel Health Network and Centre’s site. They offer printable travel guides for each country as well as advice on general family travel health topics.


For the best advice and information on FLYING WITH CHILDREN be sure to visit Flying With a Baby written by a former flight attendant, with handy packing lists and airline specific advice.

For CRAFTS & CREATIVITY then Mr Printables is your go to website. Full of great ideas to keep the kids busy while you are packing for your trip and when you are battling the laundry once you get back!

For LOCAL LAWS & CUSTOMS then the Gov.UK Foreign Travel Advice site has country by country advice on safety, laws and customs, health and money.


And one JUST FOR THE PARENTS, in case you need a drink to recover from the journey or to celebrate the start of the holiday, don’t forget to check the Duty Free allowances of the country your are travelling to.


Have a great trip and don’t forget to let us know you favourite pre-trip sites to visit.


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