New Year’s Travel-Resolutions

Yup, it’s that time of year … new year, new resolutions. So here are our 2016 resolutions:

  • Lose weight: Definitely the time of year to get rid of any excess baggage! Although, I’m not sure it’s ever possible to travel light with two young kids. Still, there’s always one resolution that you can’t stick to, right? But in the spirit of New Year optimism I will be checking out equipment rental options for bulky gear to help lighten the travel load on our next trip.


  • Save money: I shall be paying close attention to this article: 50 Ways to Save Money on Your Holiday, whilst hunting around for any spare currency hidden under the sofa or at the bottom of the suitcase. Count the Kopeks and the Roubles add up!
  • Learn something new: Being Asia-based, there is a little person in the I&E household currently learning Mandarin. As I spent a couple of months last year mistakenly singing, ‘Head, Well Done, Knees and Toes’ in an unfortunate case of mispronunciation, I shall be signing up for some lessons. And, so I completely commit to my resolution I’m sure you’d agree that means I should book a trip to China. Did you know there are 7 Ways to Say Yes in Mandarin?
  • Read more books: I&E have their eyes on some great ones for all the family in the new year …. Usbourne’s Little Children’s Travel Activity Book, At The Same Moment Around The World (a great way to start explaining time differences), Oh The Places You’ll Go (a classic!) and not strictly a book, the Around The World Matching Game.

2016 books

  • Take better photos: 2015 was our year of the blurred holiday snap trying to get our toddler to stay momentarily still. The few rare pictures we managed to capture his cheeky grin had at least one other member of the family with their eyes firmly shut! We will be checking out these top useful tips for photographing the kids on vacation.
  • Get organised: This one is relevant to so many aspects of travel but whilst we are talking about photos, 2016 is the year I will finally get our travel photos organised and actually print some photo books from our trips rather than just talk about it! Plus, I am going to take note of the wise advice I was recently given and go for the latest wipeable photo books so the kids can gets hands on and enjoy looking back at the holiday snaps as well.
  • Give back more: I’m really looking forward to being able to add to our Local Charities section of the website this year. And to kick start this last resolution I’d love to help spread the word about a literal super-hero doing his bit to inspire kids and fundraise around the world. Learn more about Super Cycling Man and his cross-continent challenge and how you can support his chosen charities here.

Happy Travels in 2016!

super cycling man



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