Gorgeous, Graphic and FREE! Our Favourite Travel Printables for Kids.

There’s loads of free printables online but we wanted to hunt out the best travel printables available – the sort that are actually going to occupy a little person while you try and get the pre-trip packing done. So here are our favourites that will entertain busy minds, distract from long journeys and save you a bob or two in colouring books. Our top picks combine clever activities with gorgeous graphics and minimal preparations for you. Print off, pack the crayons and you’re good to go!

MR PRINTABLES is the man for creative and education printables. Check out his Geography and Map activity section here.



The equally well named PICKLEBUMS is another great independent site and their Road Trip drawing prompts are perfect for any long car-based trip.



USBOURNE print brilliant travel activity books for kids and they have a number of free activities related to them on their website. There is a good choice of printables for all ages.

Untitled 2


KATE HADFIELD creates delightful scrapbook graphics although they come at a cost. However, one of her freebies is a set of car trip games … family favourite is the Cow-culator challenge! Obviously you need to be in a place where you might spot cattle for that one but her Scavenger Hunt is good for most journeys.



ACTIVITY VILLAGE have a huge range of free printables and activities and they have a growing section ‘Around the World’. The printables are a bit old fashioned in look but they are have loads to choose from including worksheets, postcards, story papers and most countries feature. They do regular bundles of printables – this one below from the football world cup is a keeper … Sorry!



KIDS ACTIVITIES BLOG also have great printable packs with easy and advance options. The best travel based printables are their seasonal bundles, a perfect match for a summer beach trip or a chilly ski holiday. Should you have a bit of extra prep time they also have a good road trip survival kit with different games you can make at home for the kids.



LONELY PLANET have lots of printable resources inspired by their line of travel books for kids. They are heavy on the printer ink but the graphics are worth the splurge. In their latest activity sheets from the book ‘You Rule’ kids can create their own country from scratch choosing the location, the name, the government, the laws, the anthem, the flag and the passport.

Lonely Planet Worksheets


MOM’S MINIVAN is all about old-school retro games for long distance travel. There are suggestions for car games for babies and toddlers as well as loads of free printables, classics like cootie-catchers, bingo and battleships are all here.



IN THE PLAYROOM has another useful travel bundle for car trips which includes a great board game called ‘Traffic Jam’. No dice needed – just eagle eyes to spot passing traffic.



And rounding off our top travel printables collection …. IDA & ERNEST! We are a work in progress so do let us know what kind of printables you would like to see in the future and keep an eye out as we regularly add new ones. And in the meantime, safe travels and happy colouring!




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