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Ida & Ernest aims to bring you family-friendly destination information from local parents as well as providing fun, age appropriate activities to spark the young traveller’s imagination and enhance their travel experience.

We are a global family travel network offering direct and helpful travel advice and information straight from the local source. Our contributors, both local and expatriate parents, are based across the world and are a diverse bunch but they have two things in common: they are parents and they love to travel.

Ida & Ernest came in to being after its founder, Sophie March decided to join the blog-isphere but wanted to share more than just her stories of travelling with the worlds naughtiest two year old (now four year old, joined by her rather more chilled little brother!). Sophie wanted to offer travel advice and information suitable for families from a source who knew what they were talking about – other parents living in that area.


And so with the help of a Venezuelan friend living in Dubai, Sophie, in Singapore, started working with graphic designer Natalia, who is based in Florida (told you we are a global network!) and Ida & Ernest was born!

Founder: Sophie March. “I was born in the USA, grew up in the UK, met my husband in Dubai, my daughter was born in Bahrain and we now live in Singapore, where our son was born. We have so many tales (good and bad!) from our travels as a family but any blog I wrote was always going to be limited to the places we had been and, as much as we love to travel,  it is going to take us a while to cover the globe – hence starting Ida & Ernest. I am so excited to see the Ida & Ernest site grow and for it to become a truly useful resource for families anywhere in the world ready to jet off on their travels!”

We get a lot of questions about our website name … Have a read here to find out who inspired us.

Fancy being part of the team? Have some great local travel advice to contribute? Drop us a line! sophie@idaandernest.com

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