I&E Travel Heroes

Along the way, Ida&Ernest have been lucky to meet some amazing individuals who travel for a cause or who have been inspired by their travels to make a difference. Here are some of their stories below to inform and excite your little ones!

At the end of every interview we asked each adventurer/explorer/fundraiser to draw a picture to contribute to our activity pages – keep an eye out for their artistic endeavours on our Printables pages!


So who are Ida & Ernest?!

Meet Ida and Ernest, our website mascots! They are two intrepid, 
young adventurers, travelling the world, looking, listening and 
learning about all the exciting stuff they see! They love meeting 
new people! 

Their names are quite traditional - just like some of the old 
fashioned (but FUN!) games and activities on this site! In fact 
they share names with two early explorers! Can you guess who?

Ernest shares his name with a very famous adventurer... 
Ernest Shackleton.

Ernest Shackleton

Sir Ernest Shackleton, born 1874, was a polar explorer, who led 
three expeditions to the Antarctic. He is famous as a man who was a couaregous leader, who looked after his team on their dangerous 
travels. He has inspired generations of young adventurers.

"Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all." 
Ernest Shackleton.
(A quote I like to repeat often during long haul travel - Ed.)

Our girl mascot, Ida, shares her name with a slightly less well 
known explorer, Ida Pffeifer.

Ida Pfeiffer

Ida Pfeiffer was born in Austria in 1797 and was one of the first 
female explorers. When she was a very young child she had travelled with her parents but as she grew older her family responsibilities meant she was unable to fufill her travel dreams. However, once 
her sons left home she set off on her adventures ... She even 
travelled around the world ... TWICE. And wrote seven books all 
about the things she saw along the way! From Iceland to Madagascar she bucked convention and went out to see the world, as she had 
always wanted to do as a child,

"When I was but a little child, I had already a strong desire to 
see the world."
Ida Pfeiffer, Visit to Iceland


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