Local Charities

How can you help when you are on holiday?

Volunteering some time as a family when you are travelling can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The children can learn the value of helping others as well as getting an insight in to the challenges faced by people in other countries. You get the chance to learn and work together as a family, whilst teaching the kids how to travel responsibly from a young age. Be it education, conservation or community programmes – there are a number of ways you can get involved in the country and communities you are visiting. There are a lot of debates about the pros and cons of volun-tourism and what’s the right thing to do when confronted by begging children when abroad. But don’t let the debates put you off contributing some time or money to a good cause.

We have quizzed our local parents and done some research at I&E HQ to try and find the best charities you can contact and ways you can help while you are away. However, we always recommend you fully research any organisation yourselves before making donations. Please let us know if you would like to recommend a local charity that would be happy to take donations or host volunteers.



The Turtle Heroes!

The Turtle Heroes at Turtle Watch Camp, Malaysia

This turtle conservation volunteer camp is designed to increase the chances of survival of the turtle eggs that are laid on Pulau Tengeh and the surrounding islands. Volunteers are able to help the staff with a variety of projects aimed at turtle conservation. Read more about a parent’s experience with her family at the camp here.