Printables & Activities

Each Ida & Ernest printable is designed to excite and to engage, from the youngest traveller capable of colouring in, to the know-it-all teenager (and parent!) in need of a challenge! We hope they will be fun for all the family. There is an educational element to nearly all the printables, though we have tried to make sure that isn’t too obvious!

Take a look at our huge choice of printables below:


Things we hope Ida & Ernest Printables will do…

  • Be fun and educational activities before, during and after a holiday.
  • Amuse and entertain a wide age range of children.
  • Be cool, creative and something new.
  • Challenge families to make the most of the new cultural experience while travelling.
  • Provide a distraction for crazed or/and jetlag children while you are in a(nother) queue at the airport/train station/bus depot.
  • Keep little brains occupied in the car rather than being focussed on asking ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ for the thousandth time.
  • Be handy pieces of paper for packing lists, fans in hot weather, fly swotting, emergency loo roll and for other unexpected travel needs!

If you are looking for more printables or inspiration for travel activities then take a look at our Pinterest board here or at these sites we love.

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