Crafts & Recycling

Not all the masterpieces created by your little travellers are going to make it on to the Kitchen Fridge Wall of Fame. So what can you do with the finished puzzles, printables and  scrap paper before they get to the recycling bin? And what about other activities beyond the I&E printables and games?

Check out our fun ideas below to reuse and recycle scrap paper with the kids. We’ve also got a lots of holiday/vacation related crafts ideas for before, during or after your trip.



recycled paper bracelets

  • Pin Wheels: These are a great way to extend the life of any scrap paper. A quick snoop round Pinterest and I am now inspired to try them as present toppers or mounted on canvas as well. Of course, that means turning inspiration into reality ; )

pinwheels collage


  • Seed Bombs by ‘Dana Made It’: Love this idea for quirky party favours or just for playing/digging/getting muddy in the garden with the kids!

Seed bombs



Here are some fun activities to get the family excited for the trip ahead. They can also be a good tool to help explain what’s ahead for the younger crew.

  • Flying Through the Sky: This activity is very simple but lots of fun. Using the printable below, which has instructions included, and some additional materials (scissors,crayons, glue/sellotape, string & a straw) you can create your own flying airplane. Make a few and you can even set up races. Inspired by the wonderful website
Come Fly with Me

Come Fly with Me

Flying Plane



Just because the holiday is over doesn’t mean the fun (or learning …. shhhh) has to stop! We have tried, tested and hunted out a few fun travel themed crafty activities that can be made back at home.

  • Recycle Shoe Box Diorama from Planetpals: Planetpals has some great recycle craft ideas as well but the Shoe Box Diorama is a great way to create a 3D scrapbook or just a fun way to remember all the cool stuff you saw on holiday! Raid the craft box, print off some photos from the trip – there’s no right or wrong here, just a lot of glue! If you went on a beach holiday good luck keeping the sand just in the box! You might want to try the Vacation Memory Jar below instead.
  • Any craft with handprints still makes me go ‘ahhhhh’ so these are perfect after a trip to the zoo, the beach, the wildlife reserve or if you were lucky enough to go on an actual safari! They also make great presents for grandparents and other enthusiastic relatives. They are elephants we attempted below (just in case you weren’t sure!) but you can turn a handprint in to nearly any animal – which the very creative team at Red Ted Art have done with their A-Z of Animal Handprints. Please do let us know if you see a U-nicorn on your travels!


  • Some treasures collected by you and your kids won’t easily glue in to a scrap book or travel journal. Here’s a great idea from Martha Stewart for a Vacation Memory Jar. Cute to display and a fun on-going activity while you are on your travels, but worth highlighting to any toddlers in the house that it’s not a musical shaker!

Have a great travel themed idea to encourage creativity and/or promote recycling? Let us know, we would love to keep this page growing!