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These are the sites that we think are worth a visit. This started off as a short paragraph but we have found so many that have taken our fancy or become vital pre-travel that we now have a whole page dedicated to these helpful/inspiring/creative and/or quirky websites. We have broken them down in to categories to assist you depending on what you are looking for!

For recommended websites specific to the location you are travelling to, have a look under the relevant Destination Guide. You will find them there.



  • Foreign Travel Advice from Gov.UK has current travel advice on every country with printable guides. Their concise reports include information on local laws and customs, safety and security, health and money. 
  • XE Currency Converter for when the money maths gets a bit confusing!
  • BBC Weather is a British site but has detailed world weather … and have you ever met a Brit that isn’t obsessed with the sun weather.
  • The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) has printable guides on health risks in each country as well a number of travel health and safety guides including information on sun protection, food and water hygiene and insect bite avoidance. They also have a section dedicated to global travel health news and reports of recent disease outbreaks.
  • NHS Live Well has comprehensive health and safety advice on travelling with children. Topics include food & water safety, sun protection, pool safety and motion sickness. Their general travel advice section includes information on vaccinations and specific travel advice by country.
  • Allergy UK (another British site) offer advice when travelling if any of your family have allergies. They also offer translation cards to ensure people are aware of your child’s allergy or intolerance despite any language barriers.
  • Travel Cots & Cribs is a great review site of, as the name suggests, cots and cribs but also carriers and other travel gear. Written by a mum of three, Grainne, who also has some great advice on travelling with kids.
  • Huffington Post Family Travel includes blogs, news and articles on, well, family travel.
  • Flying with a Baby has helpful information and tips for flying with babies and little ones including very handy airport facilities and airline bassinet comparison charts. Handy links to airlines’ infant/child policies as well. Written by an ex-flight attendant, now mum of two, who knows her stuff.
  • suitcases&strollers should be your go-to site for inspiration for travelling with children. Writer, editor and mum Aimee Chan is passionate about travel and her enthusiasm will make you want to pack your bags, grab the kids and head off to explore the big wide world!

Picture Credit: Royal Society For Prevention of Accidents


Art, Crafts & Printables

  • made by joel Gorgeous colouring in sheets, awesome crafts (DIY Baby Doll Diaper with Fabric Poo!) and I&E’s all time favourite; Paper City.

Tres bon Joel! J’adore!

  • Mr Printables is proof that printable activities don’t have to be dull and dry. Also, have a look at his ‘The Adventure Of The Peg Dolls’, another fun, 3D craft that could be used as light and easily packed toys on long journeys or for some fun, imaginative travel themed play back home.
  • Simply for Flying has some wonderful city based colouring pages, cute printable luggage tags and e-postcards (perfect if you forget to buy real ones while you are away!). Also check out their FANTASTIC flying logbook for kids; a lovely keepsake or a great gift.
  • Origami Fun keeps origami fun (!) simple and free. There are loads of printable (and easy to follow) instruction pages – check out their section for kids. We have had fun turning some of our scrap printable papers in to ‘jumping frogs’ and ‘talking dogs’.
  • The Lonely Planet has a resource section for parents and teachers with printable activity packs. They are a bit heavy on the printer ink use but they have lovely graphics. They can be used along side the LP books for children e.g. The Not For Parents Travel Book but you don’t have to have the books to enjoy them.



  • Sailor Mum is an fantastic blog that will leave you wanting to buckle up the little ones’ life jackets, hoist the sails and set off for windswept adventures at sea. For the correct nautical terms and advice on sailing as a family it’s best to refer to this blog and not to listen to the rambling of the wannabe pirates at I&E!
  • Bedu Mama is written by Karien, a contributor to Ida&Ernest and a nomad mother in Singapore. Karien can be found blogging about life and travels beyond the typical tourist haunts, raising her chicks (both kids and actual chickens!) in Singapore and regularly checking the SG Snakes app to identify the latest visitor to her patch of jungle she calls her garden. 


  • The Global Bookshelf is a GEM of a site! Their aim is to find you stories that connect to the places you are travelling and they have a section dedicated to travel books for kids.



  • A fun and yummy (and potentially messy!) way to learn about different cultures. Great pre- and post-travels. Try Easy Kids Recipes for a basic selection of international cuisine suitable to make with the kids or for a slightly more out there selection, Top 10 Crazy Recipes from Around the World … NOT for fussy eaters!



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